Tongue Rings?

Told not to get a tongue ring by your dentist or hygienist?  Instead of avoiding them to avoid the problems, learn how to have one that doesn’t cause problems!


  1. First off, get a bioplast (a biocompatible plastic) bar at the link above
  2. Cut the bar to a length short enough so that when you eat it almost never lays sideways to get bitten by your premolars.
    1. Bars that are too long extend over to your teeth when you eat and can break your teeth when you bite down on the hard materials.
    2. This also helps to keep the bottom ball from hitting the gums on the back side of your lower teeth.  If they are traumatized by a long bar they will recede which can lead to eventual tooth loss!
  3. Find balls that are small for the underside.  Like stated above, if the gums on the back side of your bottom front teeth get too much trauma, they’ll recede which can lead to lots of problems like eventual tooth loss.
  4. Keep your jewelry clean by daily brushing them when you brush your teeth
  5. Get regular dental check ups to make sure you catch any problems while they are small before they become big problems.


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